TransUnion's New Brand Platform

TransUnion's new brand identity platform and logo is coming to TransUnion Direct. The new brand reflects the company's focus and capabilities as an information solution provider for consumers and businesses.

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For Consumers

Follow up on credit-related notices you’ve received, file a dispute or address other concerns.

Consumer Support


Instant access to
customer information


Benefit from fraud, risk, collections and credit reporting services,
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Multi-factor authentication for TransUnion Direct arrives November 2022
If you have questions about the new login process, call our Global Service Desk at 800-813-5604

TransUnion Direct will only support browsers using TLS 1.1 or higher.
We support the latest versions of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox

Risk Verification Platform

Identify potential rate evasion-verify applicant-provided data in real time, and rate policies more accurately.

Express Portfolio Review

Manage the risk in your portfolio better with this self-service, online solution.

Identity Alerts

Protect yourself against newer, more sophisticated types of fraud.